Intelligent Systems & Software

Realizing innovation in high tech products requires the use of Intelligent systems and reliable softwares. Our Software Excellence Team (SET) has the expertise in building real-time systems and softwares for wide-ranging applications across a broad spectrum of industries

We develop industry specific mobile applications, softwares and automated systems which connects and merges the digital and industrial platforms. These custom industrial mobile applications and softwares are innovative, reliable, innovative & cost effective.

We leverage our technology expertise, industry-specific knowledge and experiance to deliver the best class mobility solutions in the below areas for various industries through customer-centric approach.

  • Control and tracking systems
  • Test & Measurement systems
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Resource planning systems
  • Training management systems
  • Service and lifecycle systems
  • Supply chain systems
  • Asset management systems
  • Failure prediction systems

Our team engages with customers at every step of the development process, to convert complex vision into tangible mobile applications and softwares that are really successful.

Our key differentiators are agile approach to software development, enabling adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery and continuous improvement as well as risk reduction and a rapid and flexible response to change. Our quality procedures and software integrity management system provides comprehensive lifecycle traceability.

We work with various OEMs in following domains:

  • Industrial equipments
  • Medical equipments
  • Telecommunications
  • Food processing
  • Transportation
  • Wholesale and distribution
  • Logistics